Multiply the Fire

We are not victims to misery. The thieves of the moment donot control our triumph.
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Triumph over Misery

Struggles don't end with money. The wealthiest of people can still find that all the layers protecting what is theirs can easily be breached by a stealth hacker, unless we have a higher surety to our security. When we fear the loss of our wealth it requires that we understand where that wealth came from. Identity theft is only a lie. No man can steal what is inherited. When we make a shift from putting our trust in outer wealth and look to our identity within, our beliefs change, motives will prioritize, and values create impact to those who need our attention. Where is your treasure?

The treasure of life is utmost guarded by a seal of promise. The highest engagement with promise is the highest security for our identity. Just what promises are you living by? Courageous living starts the moment we realize we are worthy of connectivity. Our outer flaws of handling money insecurely or treating those who do with unjust regard, does not sift us as wheat. The promise seeks you. The promise is that the highest payment is the surety of your inheritance. Cross reference yourself. This is why promise always is valid though we treat our financial matters with disdain at times. Payment trumps disdain. Let's end disdain.

When our inner man has a seal greater than the monetary bonds we may buy; we know the promise and it's keeper can lie within us and is the nature of the highest security based on belief. This bond with the promise and it's keeper means our belief determines the extent of our security. Hackers may break locks; but they cannot break your beliefs. Belief is King and the terror persuading good works. When we believe our thoughts, feeling and needs are important; we will hold them in high esteem for others. This means we may just listen to a higher promise and keep what has been committed to us when we realize others need our investments. It's time to shun the grave.

Beyond the fear of losing all; investments mean we have listened well and have taken the position to manage our side of the deal. When something is signed into place, we realize that we can only manage and control our own behavior. Manipulating the outcome, blaming failure, or controlling other people's privilege holds no ground at the commencement of something new. We don't play the victim when we manage our own interests, and we don't victimize when we realize we cannot control others. Our investment stands and will always have a redemptive quality when we realize power is secure by the highest belief. When the highest belief is the one who keeps promise, you are sure by the one who holds your identity in place.

Mentors give us value for wealthy decisions. When our emotional intelligence is the power we invest backed by core beliefs that opportunity is abundant; then our relationships become more important and our choices to guard against jealousy or greed, means we invest more into others before ourselves. With this principle of utilizing the wealth of belief, it doesn't matter who holds the money if your beliefs can command a strong investment and the emotional quality of your command is sure to strike the pen to the table. Once we realize deals require movement by contact with others, we build the respect through meaningful intercession that is as ancient as days.

Since the break of the dawn, beyond utopia, thieves and kings have coexisted. Knowing your lifestyle is not your identity, but a product of it, is the first shift in knowing you have the courage, through belief, to invest with wealthy emotion. Our longevity of purpose and value is existent because the thief can never steal your inner presence, unless you believe he can. Only then you learn your promise requires the highest payment.

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